Each and every client is unique! So therefore I NEVER COUNT LASHES… MY GUARANTEE IS TO ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE A SET OF LASHES THAT IS artfully crafted and designed to compliment your face and your lifestyle.

I want You and every observer to say WOW!

Classic Eyelash Extensions

NATURAL Classic Lash – $130

2 week fill … $55
3 week fill … $65

This enhancing, sublet and fresh look is great for anyone looking to try eyelash extensions or just looking to enhance their natural beauty with the least amount of commitment. This look will suit most clients and give the appearance of wearing one coat of mascara. Each extension is individually placed on the natural lash with shorter extension applied in the inner area of the eyes and a combination of long and short extension are applied throughout the middle and outer sections of the eyes to enhance the lashes. Without a doubt this natural elegant look will compliment the eye shape and give a clean, classic look.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Lashes – $145

2 week fill … $60
3 week fill … $70

An upgrade from the classic set and not quite at the need for a full volume set of lashes. The Hybrid lash set is the best of both types of lashes. A beautifully balanced look of classic lashes and volume lashes.

2-3D Volume Lashes

2D-3D VOLUME – $160

2 weeks … $70
3 weeks … $80

This technique is suitable for clients that either have sparse natural lashes or require Extra volume from their eyelash extensions.

This is the application of 2-3 ultra-fine extensions applied to one natural lash. The extensions are applied in a “fan” creating soft, fluffy and full eyelash extensions. These extensions are so lightweight that they can safely be applied to create extra volume but still remain very light so they do not weigh down the natural lashes.

This stunning set of eyelash extensions will definitely not be missed by anyone. You will have glamorous lashes that are 2-3 times the volume of your natural lashes.

Lash Removal $35.00

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